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Best Comfort Shoe provides the Telic and OOFOS Footwear comfy shoes and flip flops! We have Clogs, Thongs, Dreams, Flip Flops, Z-Straps and Slides - in an assortment of beautiful & fun colors!

Stocking Issues with Telic at the moment. We are NOT accepting orders on Telic. Please try the original maker - OOFOS

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Telic Footwear is proudly made with FOUR Generations of experience!! The four generation family has been in the shoe business since the early 1900's!!

Their corporation offices are in Boise, Idaho. They are very proudly "Made in America" in a shoe factory in Atlanta, Georgia!

OOFOSTM technology is powered by OOfoamTM and our patented footbed design.

A unique combination of a proprietary compound and an innovative design resulting in a glorious sensation that has to be felt to be believed. Home Offices are in New England - the oldest area for US Shoes

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These extremely comfortable shoes are great for just relaxing at home or out on the town. The technology behind this footwear is quite something. The different styles of footwear are all heat activated by your body temperature to conform to your foot, anatomically correct for the arches of your feet, have a textured footbed for a great "feel", ultra lightweight so you feel like you are walking on air and are made with a special blend of elasto-polymers.

What all this really means is the Telic or OOFOS selection of footwear will help cushion and absorb shocks to your feet. These arch support designs really help people with bad knees, backs, hips, legs and planters fasciitis, heel spurs and neuropathy.

The special blend of elasto-polymers are non-porous, anti-bacterial, machine washable, recyclable - and, will float in water!

Once you've experienced one pair of our footwear, you'll be trying to decide which color is next!!

Best Comfort Shoe is trying to "spread the word" about how great these shoes are. We sell them directly to individuals.

Interestingly enough, we have found so many great uses for these shoes. RV'ers love them for when they are at campgrounds and public showers, golfers love them in the locker rooms, beach and sand lovers are a natural. And, of course, just that casual look of "fun" - no matter what you are doing!

Professional people who are required to stand all day LOVE THEM - Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staffers, Beauticians, Hair Stylists - virtually anyone that stands for long periods of time!

We even offer a great line of "Accessories" to dress up these shoes for a great night out on the town!

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Best Shoe For You | Brand | Hip Problems | Heel Spure | Neuropathy
Best Shoe For You by Brand. Depending on your needs - Hip Problems, Heel Spur, Neuropathy, etc - we can direct you to the best brand
OOFOS Shoes | Feel the OO | Thong | Clog | Slide
Our OOFOS shoes provide that "Feel the OO" in our clog, thong or slide comfy and fun shoes!
OOFOS Clog | Feel the "OO" | Comfy and Casual Shoe | Closed Toe
The OOFOS Clog provides that closed toe shoe while still letting you feel the "OO" in a comfy and casual shoe.
OOFOS Thong | Feeling the "OO" | Comfy Shoes | Colorful |
Our OOFOS Thongs provide that wonderful "Feeling the OO" because they are comfy and colorful!
OOFOS Slide | Feeling the "OO" | OOfoam Technology
Our OOFOS Slide provides that feeling the "OO" with it's awesome patented OOfoam Technology
OOFOS Sport | Slide | Recovery Footwear | Reduces Stress | Absorb Shock
OOFOS Sport Slide is aa OOAHH recovery footwear design that reduces stress and helps absorb shock to your legs
Flip Flop | Telic | Torex | Signature Style | Footwear
Our Flip Flop line of the Telic footwear is their signature style. It comes in 10 different great colors
Dream | Closed Toe | Back Strap | Sandal
The Dream Footwear has a closed toe with the option to wear it as a back strap sandal also
Slide | Footwear | Sandal | Telic | Made in America
Our Slide is another great Telic Sandal that is Made in America for a great footwear feel
Z-Strap | Sandal | Footwear | Dress Up | Dress Down | Deep Heel Cup
Our Telic Z-Strap sandal is incredibly comfortable with a deep heel cup for either dress up or dressing down!
Accessories | Jewelry | Art | Clip-ons | Bling
Our Accessories of jewelry are a great way to add clip-ons and bling art designs to your colorful Telic Footwear
Testimonials | Stories | Pictures
Our Testimonials page is the fun part of our website. We look forward to stories and pictures about Telic Shoes and the people who wear them
Golf | Leisure | Relaxing
Golf can be very strenuous on the nerves. Enjoy our Telic Footwear afterwards while unwinding from your great game!
RV Living | Relaxing | Traveling | Entertaining | Campfires
RV Living in your Telic Shoes while relaxing, traveling, entertaining or just hanging out at a campfire
About Us | Bill and Kelly | RV'ers | Fulltime | Account Manager
About Us will tell you about Bill and Kelly and our dream of traveling the USA, representing and selling a Made in America Product - Telic Shoes
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Our Contact Us page will put you in touch with us by email immediately!
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Store to our fabulous footwear