Best Shoe For You

Best Shoe For You by Brand. Depending on your needs - Hip Problems, Heel Spur, Neuropathy, etc - we can direct you to the best brand.


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Over the years, especially with our experience with Reflexology, we've learned what is the best shoe for you - depending on your symptoms?

Best Shoe for You

In all honesty, either The OOFOS or the Propét Brand is great. Each of them has designed and researched so many various health issues that people have with their feet. So many manufacturers of shoes are all about style and colors and really don't put any effort into people's comfort.

As a practicing Reflexologist, we know how important it really is.

We see people all the time with various foot or leg problems that can be so uncomfortable! OOFOS and Propét have both taken the time and effort to design their products based on what the foot is really supposed to do and how best to provide that support and comfort to the user. That's why we only carry these two Brands - we've done our homework, especially with our knowledge of foot discomforts, and allow only these 2 Brands to be sold through our name.

Simple example is how important it is to take the pressure off your heel while gently applying pressure on the ball of your foot - to relieve the Planters, etc.

After all, our motto is: "We Keep You Feet Happy"


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