Foot Ailments

Foot Ailments can be extremely painful. We have a treatment and descriptions of various things to help these symptoms. Foot Conditions cause all types of Medical Problems, Feet Pain and Leg Pain - we have the Solutions!

There are at least 10 different types of aliments that will directly affect your feet and your overall body comfort. Best Comfort Shoe is all about educating our clients so they can make the best possible decisions about their shoes and accessories.

Plantar Fasciitis (which can lead to heel spurs) is a persistent pain located on the bottom of the heel and the inside of the foot. The plantar fascia is a fibrous, tendon-like structure that extends the entire length of the bottom of the foot.

Pes planus is a condition where the arch or instep of the foot collapses, coming in contact with the ground. When an individual walks, pressure shifts to other parts of the foot and causes pain.

Pes Cavus is a term used to describe a foot with an arch that is too high. A high-arched foot is painful because additional stress is placed on unnatural places on the foot.

Metatarsalgia is a condition that creates intense pain in the ball of the foot. The foot consists of metatarsal bones that work together to support your body during walking. If the balance of these bones is compromised, foot pain can ensue.

Hammertoes is a term used to describe mis-shapen or crooked toes. While genetics has a role in creating hammertoes, poorly fitting shoes can put unnatural pressure on your toes as well. This pressure creates mis-shapen toes that prevent your toes from resting flat, or force one of your toes into, or onto, another.

Diabetes is a syndrome in which the basic defect is an absence or shortage of the pancreatic hormone insulin. This deficiency disrupts the vascular system, affecting the eyes, kidneys, legs, and other extremities such as the feet.

Bunions can form in any part of the foot, but occur most often at the big toe joint. Bunions are created when friction between bones and skin create inflammation, resulting in a fluid-filled sac. With continual pressure the sac hardens and the result is pain and rigidity of the bones.

Arthritis is not one disease, but over 100 known diseases that affect the bones, muscles and joints. The term does not designate a specific disease, but means inflammation of a joint resulting from any cause. Pain and swelling can ensue (particularly obvious in the hands and feet), which creates limited movement and mobility.

Ankle Varus is a condition where the ankles roll out, compromising stability and alignment of the body. Supportive footwear with wedges or flares that reduce foot pain in the lower legs and ankles are necessary to help counteract the foot's natural tendencies.

Ankle Valgus is a condition where the ankles roll in, compromising stability and alignment of the body.

These conditions are certainly not the only ailments that people get with their feet. However, these are very common. We just wanted to help people understand what the different terms mean and how best to deal with these ailments.

Wikipedia provided much of this information.

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