Golf can be very strenuous on the nerves. Enjoy our OOFOS Footwear afterwards while unwinding from your great game! We know how great our Footwear is for just that.

You've walked and concentrated on your golf game for several hours - and got a great score! Why not relax after with a great fitting Slide, Clog, Flip-Flop, Thong or Z Strap shoe!

Perhaps you would rather go out to the putting green and practice several different putting greens before the "official" game begins?

It's up to you whither you wear your great footwear to the course, practicing your swing before or afterwards - or all of the above! We are confident you'll enjoy their comfort and feel when you take your golf shoes off.

Leisure practice before the big round!

Let's make sure of that score!

Course, our "Feature" picture bellow says it all

We hope you enjoy playing golf as much as we love showing our great Footwear line of shoes! We know they are extremely comfortable - we just ask you give us a try and see for yourself.

We have the classic Thongs, Clogs, Flip Flops, Slides, Z Straps and really soon our newest - The Dream. Be sure to watch for when it is available. We are anticipating any day now. Plus, they will be in some new spectacular colors!