Our OOFOS shoes provide that "Feel the OO" in our clog, thong or slide - comfy and fun shoes! That wonderful "OO" feeling was first felt by the designer's Mom!

She was searching for that health conscious answer we all have for our feet! Once her son came up with that final design - he knew he couldn't stop just there! If his Mom felt that good, just imagine how everyone else will too! Reebok was so excited about the materials and idea - they are the manufacturer.

At Best Comfort Shoe, we wanted to provide these wonderful shoes to our customers as well! We are offering their Clogs, Thong and Slides in various colors and sizes.

New colors are always coming in - just check back here to know what and when.

These shoes have become very popular with those of us that have to stand a great deal in our profession - doctors, nurses, hospital staffers, beauticians - just to name a few!


Great OOFOS Shoe Sizing Video

Depending on the style shoe, they come in various sizes and colors.

We are offering these great shoes with Free Shipping within the Continental US.

If you need them shipped beyond this, please "Contact Us" for shipping costs. Please include your phone number so we can reach you quickly to help you decide what you need!

Most of these wonderful shoes are available from $44.95 each - FREE SHIPPING!!!*

  *USA ONLY - Exchange/Return (Authorized & with Tags/cardboard) Return Shipping to be paid by you.                                                       Re-shipping of ANY Replacement $12.60

The OOFOS Designed Footwear is all about support for your arches while having a slight heel rocker that will off-load heel pressure for a more soothing feel and fit.

Plus that "OO" feeling!!

As you can quickly see with the above pictures and profiles, the OOFOS Footwear is very exciting!

USA Shipping ONLY ( Canadian Shipping +$50.00 & Phone # required also  - through Contact Us Form)

International Shipping Info

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