Reflexology provides excellent therapy while massaging your feet and its pressure points to heal body issues. Reflexologists use pressure points on the feet, similar to acupuncture points, to detect blockages of energy in the body. They aim to correct the blockages by massaging the feet and applied pressure to specific points on the feet.

As a result, the pressure applied is believed to effect internal organs. It is said to be a gentle type of therapy, used to restore the body's natural balance, as well as to help maintain its natural equilibrium.

Today, Reflexology is used as a therapeutic treatment for a full range of conditions, including Poor Circulation, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraines, Sleep Disorders, Arthritis, Depression and Anxiety.

Reflexology can act as an effective tool in relaxing the mind and body - relieving stress and helping to restore a general feeling of well being. People of all ages benefit from Reflexology treatment.

While some may chose to enjoy the therapy on an occasional basis, many chose to receive such treatments regularly. Many individuals who seek regular treatments, believe doing so helps them to maintain their health and well being.

Many medical doctors and other health care professionals also recognize it as an effective therapeutic treatment. Some recommend it to their patients as a supplement to their health care.

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